Why do you hate me so?

Ok, I love gluten in all of its various forms and I hate bandwagons. So why the hell am I gluten free and so happy about it? Why am I eschewing beer and bread for quinoa and red wine? Because I feel so much better. It is that simple; I never want to return to how I felt a month ago. And if that mean no more sampling a delicious, slightly hoppy IPA while enjoying a slice of pizza then so be it.

I also dislike bandwagons, I don’t like the one size fits everyone thinking process. As a nurse I have seen the worst that Celiac disease has to offer, and my symptoms pale in comparison to how a person with Celiac disease suffers. I felt that the Gluten Free bandwagon trivialized Celiac Disease. Shouting from the rooftop that I have gluten sensitivity and will be avoiding all gluten containing products is not really part of my personality. Yet, here I am, shouting, to all who will listen. Getting rid of gluten changed my freaking life!

I inadvertently gave up gluten when I started following Lauren Slayton’s plan for weight loss in The Little Book of Thin. Her plan calls for elimination of bread and pasta. I also stopped drinking beer after reading her amazing guidelines. Two weeks into her plan I realized that the constellation of symptoms I had been experiencing over the last three years had disappeared. Chronic constipation, horrific canker sores, arthritis in my thumbs, neuropathies ( a burning pain) in the soles of my feet had all started to disappear. I was sleeping like a baby; this was nothing short of a miracle! My stress level had gone from off the chart to manageable. I was thrilled and delighted to feel so much better, and absolutely pissed off that gluten appeared to be the culprit.

I went online to see if this had happened to anyone else, to see if there were stories like mine. What I found astounded me. There is so much research that links gluten to stress, insomnia, arthritis and GI issues! I was shocked! Eventually I read Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis, his book was really interesting and made a lot of sense. Give it a read, see if it makes sense to you and let me know!

Believe me, I am a connoisseur of beer, a lover of bread. My cooking heritage is mainstream 3rd generation Italian; I can make a mean meatball and whip up a pasta dish in my sleep. All a thing of the past. I am not suggesting that gluten free is for everyone, but what I am suggesting is that if you have chronic health conditions with no known cause, give it a go. Give up gluten for three weeks and see what happens. What do you have to lose?

So Week 3 done, no animal protein, no gluten, amazing amounts of energy! Over 10 pounds lost!

PS: My husband said my skin looks younger (he may not have had his glasses on). I love him so!

Do you have chronic, nagging health conditions? Could it be a food allergy? Let me know what you think!